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… who would have known I would be sat here writing a blog, putting my rusty writing skills into use!

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while now but I was never quite sure how to start it or even what to write? Will people actually be interested in what I have to say??

Well … last week I received an unexpected e-mail inviting me to a blog workshop by @CaratManchester to help people get the most out of their blog and I thought … why not? So I attended last night, brought a pal along with me and I had a great night aswell as gaining some valuable knowledge on the power of blogging and social media.

So my test begins.

Does blogging really have the power to do what everybody tells me it can do? I’m sure I will find out very soon!

This is the place to be to find out all about the things that I love – Art, Interior Design, Furniture, Architecture & Travel.

Happy reading 🙂

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