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Bedroom designs that make me want to stay in bed all day

Everyone who knows me well will know that I love my sleep, and if I don’t get my full 8 hours then I’m a bit of a grump …sorry! If you were to ask me what I could not live without, then my bed would be top of that list,  followed closely by the snooze button on my alarm. Although, I really do wish the snooze button was not invented!

We spend a third of our time asleep. This is a huge proportion of our lives, so we really should ensure that our bedroom is thoughtfully designed as a place to escape, relax and wind down from our busy, working day. I have collected a few examples of bedroom designs that make me want to stay there forever!

The Comfy and Cosy Den


This bed just makes me want to dive onto it and snuggle up into the colourful cushions and pillows. You can affordably achieve this look by placing your mattress on top of a selection of wooden palettes sat next to each other. All you need to do now is get creative with the bedding. Mix different patterns, textures and colours on varied sized cushions, throws and quilt cover to create a cozy and inviting retreat.

The Fresh and Minimalist Sanctuary


Why put your bed at the edge of your room when you can place it centre stage?, in front of or facing a window like shown above. This padded bed ‘Atelier’ by Italian brand San Giacomo is fully upholstered at the back so you are not limited in where it can be positioned in your room and the blanket stitching around the edge gives it that extra special detail. I love the crisp white colour contrasting against the wooden panelled wall, creating a natural and fresh look that speaks ‘freshly cleaned sheets’ – which is a thing that I’m sure you all love! This minimalist and de-cluttered room is a perfect sanctuary to escape and clear your mind. And… to make it less boring a bright yellow side table is thrown in for good measure!

 The Sleek and Luxurious Haven


The rich and bold petrol blue colour works well as a backdrop to this Roche Bobois wooden bed, allowing it to stand out rather than fade into the background. The ‘sleekness’ of this raised bed is less obtrusive than a chunky bed frame that sits directly on the floor, helping make a smaller room look a lot more spacious. I love the luxurious and romantic feel that the silk cushions and cashmere throw create by softening the overall look.

The Feminine and Elegant Boudoir

I love the juxtaposition of this modern bed frame against the Victorian style wall panelling. Who says you have to keep everything the same style? You can mix different periods into one room to make it a bit more interesting. The baby pink coloured silk and feature mannequin give it an overall feminine feel.

The Fun and Quirky Crib

This low profile, upholstered Bonaldo bed looks so comfy and if you fell out then you wouldn’t fall far! The enveloping shape is surrounded by a coloured edge that defines the entire perimeter. Add a ping of colour to the piping for a fun, vibrant look or keep the colour the same for a more sophisticated, toned down look.

Working as an interior design consultant I have found that people are too scared to inject a bit of colour into their homes with the fear that it will date and go out of fashion. Quite often people play it safe and choose Taupe… Cream… Beige or Brown for EVERYTHING. These colours can look effective if used properly but a lot of the time they are overused for every single item in the room, creating a very flat and boring look. Now, that WILL send you to sleep forever!

Tip: If you are too scared to inject some colour into the furniture then add a bit of oomph into your scheme with the accessories you choose instead – the things that are cheaper and easily changed if you get fed up of them. eg. bedding, cushions, rugs, artwork, wall colour, vases and lights.

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