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‘Project Extension’ Begins!

I live in a Victorian house in Liverpool. I love it. I love the character, the big high ceilings, the sash windows, the beautiful cornicing. But, the problem with our house is… every room is seperate. Our whole family ends up segregated into different rooms and we could go all day without seeing or speaking to each other!

The kitchen is also a seperate boxed off room, meaning whoever cooks the dinner is slaving over the stove, whilst everyone else is watching tv in a different room.

It’s becoming increasingly popular to get an extension instead of moving house. Our modern day lifestyles are crying out for a place that is functional, flexible and allows us to carry out our normal activities without being segregated into different zones of the house. What better way to fulfil these needs than by utilising an extension for open plan living?

My parents have decided to build their own extension at the back to house an open plan area that will consist of the kitchen, dining and a casual living room – a hub where everyone can interact, relax and entertain whilst carrying out daily chores.

I’m in the process of designing the interior of our extension, it can be really tricky knowing what to do with such a vast area that needs to meet so many different purposes. Stay tuned for some tips on how to make the most of your open plan space!

I will keep you all updated on the progress of this little project 🙂

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Tony from 3D builders manchester

Found this while looking for inspiration for a building project I’m working on in South Manchester – I love what you’ve done (in the picture) blending the elements of old & new especially the exposed steelwork. That’s not something I’d have thought of… 🙂


Haha sorry that picture isn’t actually our extension! It was an example that I found which was inspiration for myself! I too love the exposed steel work and the zoning of space achieved with different heights


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