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‘The future is invented in our minds”

– Simon Woodroffe

Creativity and Design is so important for the developement of our future

Everything that surrounds us from the car we drive, the tv we watch, the clothes we wear to the homes we live in have been designed by creative people.  Creativity and Design is often overlooked in business, but us designers need to show everyone that we are a very important cog in the wheel and we should be acknowledged for it!

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Simon Woodroffe does just that with the design of  Yo!Home, the revolutionary 800 square foot apartment. It launched at 100% design last week and I was lucky enough to have it demonstrated to me by the man himself!  This prototype room which is the size of a one bedroom or small two bedroom apartment, adapts to reveal many hidden features and aims to deliver the same functionality of a pad more than twice its size. Simon was originally a stage designer and the mechanics of the theatre along with japanese living inspired him for the design of Yo!Home.

Full of energy, enthusiasm and passion, Simon darted backwards and forwards like a blue-bottle fly, showing how each of the areas adapt and dual up as other functional pieces of furniture. It was really exciting watching how passionately he talked about his idea!

His vision is for these apartments to be integrated into the design of new apartment blocks and skyscrapers in city’s around the world where space is a premium. They are aimed to be accessible for everyone from students to millionaires and you will be able to customise the design like you would when purchasing a new car – either having the basic model or adding on all the optional extras!

How exciting would it be to design your apartment there and then when you buy it, on ready built 3D computer packages like in Bo Concept?! You could choose on-screen your kitchen cabinet style and finish, your sofa material, table, lighting, flooring and wall coverings and be able to visualise what it would look like in 3D; the possibilities are endless!

Inspiration to Young Creative’s starting up their own business

At the end of the demonstration, Simon did a little pep talk which went along the lines of… (although don’t quote me on it!)…

I can understand how hard it is for everyone amidst this recession but I believe the Government can do very little in order to make a change. You are the people who can change things and you can all start by writing down your first idea.

No wonder he is a motivational speaker, his speech was very inspirational! I completely agree with him. We all need to take his little bit of advice and get up off our backsides. Instead of complaining that there are no jobs, why not create our own? There are so many people out there that have amazing ideas but are scared to fail, or lack the funding to start-up their own business but there are programmes out there to help us out like Medeia Cohan-Petrolino’s School For Creative Start-ups.

Starting a business from a simple idea and no start-up capital

Simon Woodroffe, who received a OBE in 2006, is also the founder of the popular conveyor belt sushi bar  Yo!Sushi and Yotel. He was able to set up his first venture without any start-up capital or the ability to get finance from his bank. Instead, he asked his largest supplier for extended terms to pay back his debt and they accepted.

He is a true example of how creativity CAN lead to a successful business without the initial investment and us designers should all be inspired by him and continue developing our future!

Can you imagine living in an apartment like Yo! Home?

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