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I’ve decided to start sharing my own little DIY projects with you as I am currently decorating a room in my house.

I’m quite new to this decorating business so I thought I’d start off simple with painting my fireplace to give it a new lease of life.



As you can see, my fireplace looked rather bad, painted glossy white (which was turning yellow!) and the brickwork within was falling apart.

I decided to paint it with a Matt black colour so it stood out against the wall and to make it more of a focal point in the room. I love the fancy detailing so I’d rather give it a lick of paint instead of replacing it for a new one.



What do you think?!

TIP : Always sand down the surface before painting, this will give the paint a better surface to hold to. It is always good to use a primer too but in this case I didn’t and its worked out fine!

Use ‘frog’ masking tape around the edges. This tape is brilliant and perfect for creating super neat lines. It is well better than standard masking tape which often allows the paint to leak.

I used ‘fortress’ black one coat paint which cost no more than a tenner from B&Q. I did have to use two coats, but I think if I had painted it a bit thicker , then one coat would have been enough.

Important : This paint is not heat resistant so do not use it if you are going to use your fireplace as a working fire. Mine is more for show!

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