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It looks as though I will be spending more time on my blog this summer because Rob has abandoned me to coach soccer in America!

Thought I would share some pics from my latest trip to Italy – can’t really complain about work can I?!

We went to visit the Stone International factory and the stylish Italians showed us how they make their beautiful stone furniture last week.

It was great to see as I didn’t realise how much hard work and the amount of time that goes into making each piece – the majority of the process is hand made. The furniture is made from solid natural stone from quarries in Italy , so each table is unique and full of character.

20130630-194016.jpg 20130630-194126.jpg 20130630-194214.jpg 20130630-194252.jpg 20130630-194351.jpg 20130630-194441.jpg

In total there is about 7 or 8 stages in the process including the initial cutting which takes 14-16 hours for each piece, filling , polishing and fitting the pieces together which makes a lovely table at the end!


We also had a couple of hours to site see around Florence which was a lovely town about 50 minutes drive from Pisa. I would definitely go back to see it properly if I get the chance, it is such a cute little town with a real buzzing atmosphere, lovely architecture and winding streets to explore. See below for a few of my favourite photo’s.

20130630-195153.jpg 20130630-195226.jpg 20130630-195312.jpg 20130630-195349.jpg 20130630-195434.jpg 20130630-195513.jpg 20130630-195546.jpg 20130630-195621.jpg 20130630-195655.jpg 20130630-195724.jpg 20130630-195750.jpg 20130630-200936.jpg 20130630-201027.jpg

Grazie Italy!!

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