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I have just come back from a lovely week off work, where I had the best chilled out time relaxing in the sunny weather! This past year has been a bit mental, so it was lovely to spend my time off doing absolutely nothing…


Whilst chilling in the garden and gaining inspiration from the latest issue of Elle Decoration, I had the idea for my next blog post – Travel Treasures. I love collecting bits and bobs from my travels, especially home accessories and exotic style jewellery so I think there is nothing better than a home which is displayed full of mementos that tell the story of someones life and the experiences they have had.

Elle Decoration was jam-packed full of exotic interiors , designed from all over the world and it had me dreaming of my next travel adventures.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces that I have collected so far from my travels…

Bedouin Rug , Egypt 2012

Image Image

I visited a Bedouin village whilst in Egypt last year on a little star-gazing trip, and I fell in love with these colourful rugs that covered the desert floor. I made it my mission to find out where to buy one and bring it home with me. I managed to buy a 170cm x 200cm rug for the equivalent of £20!!, don’t ask how I got it home, it was a tight squeeze and there was ALOT of strategic packing involved. People still laugh at me when I tell them that I bought a rug on holiday!

Eiffel Tower Print , Paris 2007


 This pretty picture lives on my bedroom wall and I picked it up from one of the street stalls on my first trip to Paris. A little french man was sat in the gardens below the Eiffel Tower , drawing pictures of his surroundings – I just had to buy one. Paris is one of my favourite places that I have visited so far, I don’t care if it is cliché, but you can’t deny that it’s definitely a romantic city. This place is oozing with culture , beautiful architecture, art, pretty gardens and has such a buzzing atmosphere in the streets. It is one of those places that I could go back to again and again and never get bored – that is a rare thing for me to say because I am a big believer in not visiting the same place twice. My aim is to visit as many places in the world as I can!

Exotic Jewellery & Trinkets from Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia & Ibiza



I  have a big obsession with buying bracelets and necklaces on holiday. These are just a few of the bits that I have collected over the years – I seem to be a bit of a magpie.

I hope you like my post and would love to know of any interesting pieces that you have found on your travels, taking pride of place on display in your home!

On that note I will finish with a picture of an exotic, traditional islamic designed interior that I found on Pinterest!!

Exotic Bedroom


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