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What colour is Taupe? you may ask. Well to be honest, I don’t really know myself!

From my experience I would describe it to be a Grey-y, Beigy, Browny, Greeny, Mushroomy mix … but I suppose that doesn’t really help you decipher the colour much! A good example of the colour is in the designs of the well-known interior designer ‘Kelly Hoppen’ who is renowned for her glamorous ‘Taupe’ decoration.

Taupe 3

This colour is the most versatile colour I have come across, it is a great base colour to use in your colour scheme because it can go with pretty much ANYTHING! You can put it with pastel colours, rich jewel tones , blacks, browns, graphite greys or creams to create a fresh , clean look . Whatever colour you put it with, it seems to compliment it beautifully.

The only hurdle is picking the right shade because there are so many shades to choose from! Chapel Interiors in Wilmslow have a great selection of designer paints , including Kelly Hoppen’s range. I would definitely recommend checking out their website as they have a good selection of lovely colour paints and wallpapers!

A problem with the colour Taupe is that people tend to play it safe , opting for the same shades for every bloody item in the room. How bland does that sound?!

So to rebel against this ‘I’ll have everything in taupe please’  fad, I have gathered a few images which show how you can spice up a room  by mixing taupe with pops of contrasting colour here and there.  You can completely transform a room from being safe and boring into something more inspiring and seductive … We all know 50 shades of grey can be far from boring!!

I have found a few images on Pinterest and some of our suppliers websites, which show the colour taupe mixed with some striking colours.

Abigail Ahern - London Home

Abigail Ahern – Taupe Backdrop Against Quirky Accessories

Italian Design  - Taupe and Teal Blue

Taupe and Teal –

Taupe Back Drop

Taupe Backdrop

Lago - Taupe and Fuschia Pink

Lago Italia – Taupe With Fuschia Pink Accessories –

Taupe With Powder Blue Accessories –

Taupe Furniture For One17 Home Mixed With Clients Selection Of Bright Accessories

Taupe Furniture For One17 Home Mixed With Clients Selection Of Bright Accessories

Taupe and Mustard -

Taupe and Mustard –

Hope you like!  I am currently designing my parents extension, which is a kitchen ,come dining room, come living room. Basically, a big open plan space with bi-folding doors that open up to our garden. Guess what colour I have chosen for the walls? Yes … Taupe. Look out for my next blog post which will show you the progress of our extension and how I am planning on bringing the colour taupe into the design without it being drab and boring! I am mixing a modern look in a Victorian home which will highlight some of the existing Victorian features 😉

Little Ones Resources – This company is based in Wilmslow and sell designer paints and wallpapers with brands such as Zoffany, Kelly Hoppen, Harlequin, Fired Earth , Sanderson and Graham & Brown to name a few.


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