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I’m having a double whammy Sunday here. I’m on a roll and thought I’d share another upcycle project… 3 years in the making.

I bought a convex mirror for £5 three years ago which had paint peeling. I saw this as a perfect opportunity for a DIY project and spray paint it again.

Three years passed, dust collected and I still hadn’t got round to doing it! Life does get in the way sometimes. I saw the opportunity to get it completed when I was asked to do this #UpcycleRevolution with Gumtree – with a strict two week deadline. I think sometimes you need a deadline to work towards otherwise you always end up putting it off.

Whilst painting my chest of drawers I decided to paint my mirror with the left over paint 🙂 So I killed two birds with one stone and FINALLY  I have a mirror for my downstairs loo.

Finished mirror


The lighting doesn’t convey the colour properly on this photo; it is a gorgeous, rich teal blue. To compliment the mirror I have a colourful rug as well as some copper and sparkly accessories on the window ledge, giving it a Moroccan feel. After pondering some more I feel it still needs some finishing touches; I think to fully complete the look it definitely needs a splash of paint on the walls, or some fancy wallpaper, a light fitting and some pictures on the wall.

Stephanie Elsa Photoshoot

Stephanie Elsa Photoshoot


Natalie x



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