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The Gumtree bloggers challenge has sparked an Upcycle Revolution in my life! I am inspired to start upcycling furniture for my home and it baffles me that I had never thought of doing this before now, due to the ability to have beautiful, high quality furniture at an affordable price. No more 4 hour trips to Ikea for me!

I visited Emmaus last weekend which is a charity warehouse supporting the homeless. This warehouse is a hidden gem only 5 minutes from my doorstep and is full of amazing furniture finds. I ended up buying two mid-century pieces for a bargain price of £50 in total.

One is a huge sideboard and the other is another dressing table with built-in mirror (very similar to the one I upcycled for the Gumtree challenge). It is amazing how you can completely transform a slightly weathered and dusty piece of furniture into something that looks like it is worth A LOT of money; I’m excited to get brainstorming my ideas and looking forward to seeing the end result – I hope you are too!


I have decided to upcycle this beauty into a contemporary piece that fits in with the style of my eclectic interior. My brain is exploding with ideas and I’m looking forward to creating something functional as well as beautiful. The functionality aspect of furniture is often overlooked, especially with storage.

My design decisions will focus on solving the everyday problems I encounter in reference to storage in my kitchen; one of them being drawer organisation! I have three drawers in my kitchen units, two of which are filled full of random bits and bobs with no order to them whatsoever; I can never seem to find anything that I need and it often leaves me stressed out frantically searching! I’m sure you have all heard of Michael McIntyre’s ‘Man drawer’ joke which cracks me up, because we have two of these drawers full of random screws, plasters, old keys, old batteries, phone chargers from old phones – you get the idea? My goal is to incorporate some sort of storage system built within the drawers and cupboards that allow everything to have its own place; resulting in a stress free life! I will also experiment with decoupage within the draw linings again, just like my last ‘Mad Women’ chest of drawers. When searching on Pinterest I found some lovely pictures as inspiration, although I won’t be copying any of these designs – I want to start my own trends!

Competition Time!!

I will be holding a competition on my blog this weekend, where the lovely Sarah Illustration has donated one of her prints as a prize. To accompany this print I will also be giving a decoupaged picture frame away (still to be made by me) , to frame Sarah’s artwork. Stay tuned on Sat/Sun for more details 😛 x

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