My Productive Weekend – Bold Blue Bathroom

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This past three weeks haven’t been very productive at all; I have been busy thinking about ideas for lots of different projects but not actually starting any of them! This weekend I made it my mission to focus on just one small project and make sure I finished it.

I’ve found the best way to be productive is to set yourself small tasks and try your hardest to finish them before you start something else. I have found that I tend to start one thing, get distracted easily by something else then forget what I was supposed to be doing. For example, I decided to have a big clear out of my house but then came across old photos and ended up looking through them all for about an hour! My house ends up looking like a bomb has hit it half of the time because I have lots of half finished things everywhere!

With the help of my sister I decided to tackle my downstairs bathroom. She also gets distracted very easy too haha! …


Downstairs Bathroom

I see my downstairs bathroom as an opportunity to be really creative and bold without worrying much about the decor looking too over the top. The room isn’t used often and is mainly for guests so I thought I’d be a bit daring with a bold colour and paint the walls as well as the ceiling.


I started off with a trip to B&Q on Saturday and found a cool copper light shade for my bathroom as well as some paint colour charts and other bits and bobs. I’ve always wanted to paint a room a really deep, rich teal blue colour so I picked a selection of colour cards in those shades so I could see which one looked best.


IMG_6593I ended up choosing a lighter shade than all of the above because the colours looked really dark due to the room being north facing and having a small window.

Tip: Always take the natural lighting into consideration when choosing a paint colour because it can look completely different depending on the quality of lighting in the room. I chose the Valspar premium paint in a mid sheen (colour Zephyr) which gives a brilliant coverage for a darker colour and a satin look that bounces light slightly.


I wanted the room to have a moody feel, like a little Aladdin’s cave so I decided to paint the ceiling too! It looks fab now it’s painted because the copper light really contrasts against the blue and leaves a spirograph like shadow on the ceiling.

IMG_6640 (1)

The convex mirror sits on the wall above the sink and I had the dilemma of what to do with that wall. I didn’t want to paint it the same as the rest of the walls because the mirror would disappear against the blue with it being a similar shade. I ummed and aahed and thought maybe I could use a cool vintage map wallpaper but then decided that wallpaper would be a bit of a nightmare to fit around the sink.


I eventually decided to paint the wall with chalkboard paint! This way I can leave sneaky messages and draw doodles on it as a little surprise for guests. Guest can also leave messages on the wall too! Plus I thought it would be a bit of fun for our niece and nephews when they visit :).

I’m so happy with the colour and all I have to do now is paint the chalk board wall, put the venetian blind back on and arrange lots of pictures on the walls. I’m planning on putting all of my favourite pictures from my travels in quirky frames on one wall.

I’m proud of my progress this weekend and feel a sense of achievement. I’m glad I stuck with my word without putting things off like I normally do.

Motto of the weekend ‘Just DO IT’.

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Natalie xx

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