My Chalk Board Wall Is Now In Full Operation!

Chalk Board Painted Wall

I painted the final wall with chalk board paint in my Bold Blue Bathroom yesterday and was so excited to start doodling! I needed to buy some chalk first so I went out and got some this morning. When thinking of how I could decorate it I got all excited as I imagined how I could change the look throughout the year for different occasions. I love the fact that this wall is so versatile with the option to change the design very easily if I get bored. One day I could use the wall to write a to do list… one day I could have everyone sign on the wall and leave a message if I have a party… one day when we have our nieces and nephews round we can draw pictures on it! I could even draw my own unique illustration on it if I fancied 🙂 Here is my chalk board wall so far with my first attempt at messages and pictures!

Now my downstairs loo has a very strict rule…

Chalk Board Wall in Bathroom

…strictly no number twos 🙂

Here are some photos I found on Pinterest for inspiration on how you can integrate a chalk board wall for different rooms in your house or business! These images prove that you can really get creative with this for an unconventional room design!

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Natalie x

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2 responses to “My Chalk Board Wall Is Now In Full Operation!

  1. Glad you now have chalk, was a little disappointed last night. Looks fab though, and I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun!

    (Secret messages under the mirror!) ☺

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