Homesense Has Finally Arrived In Liverpool

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I was at Aintree Retail Park at the weekend and was interested to see there is a new Homesense store opening on the 3rd Sept. I always knew it would pop up somewhere soon after they were originally going to take over the building Stocktons’ used to be in on Hanover Street.

I was secretly pleased they pulled out of the deal last minute leaving that building empty for a year. I have my reasons!

I am also pleased to hear they are still opening a store in Liverpool not far from me! If you have never heard of Homesense it’s part of the same group as Tkmaxx. Homesense’s motto is ‘Unique finds  Irresistable prices’ and is a homeware and furniture store full of branded and eclectic pieces.

I have only ever been to the one in Barton Square by the Trafford Centre but have heard the one in Preston is amazing; I will be honest with you… I see this place as the kind of shop you go in one day and find nothing, then you go in another day and end up spending a fortune! The time I visited I didn’t see anything I fancied but I totally get the appeal and would love to go again now it will be more local.

New furniture shops seem to be popping up everywhere now the economy is improving and it looks like it’s going to be good for Liverpool!

So yes… it seems to be opening on 3rd Sept… that is what the billboard outside says.

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    1. Sorry I misread that I thought you meant chalk board paint – depending on what colour it is you can use Annie Sloan wax which works well with chalk paint. I’ve only ever used that one but there may be other brands available

  1. thanks sweetie – it’s an old frame of mine that I’m having a go at – just watched a you tube video so that’s helped – i’ll try & post some pics 😉 (when i learn how to do that aswell !!!!!) i’ve got furniture wax could I use that ? xxx

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