Kitchen Progress

Two years in

Our kitchen has come a long way since we moved in just over two years ago. When we first moved in we didn’t even have any flooring down so we have pretty much started from scratch. As our home was a new build, we were able to select the style and finish of our kitchen units ourselves because it was bought off plan!

Benefits of buying off plan

One of the main highlights of buying off plan is that you can choose every little detail from the kitchen and flooring, to the fittings and appliances. Our home was a blank canvas to design it to exactly how we wanted. I’ll re-phrase that… exactly how I wanted 😉 Rob doesn’t really get much of a say hehe.

Many of the items could have been bought through the builder and fitted before we got the keys such as the flooring and appliances, however I found that it was about 30% cheaper if we sourced them ourselves and fitted it afterwards.

This worked better for us because it opened up the options to choose from and as we were pretty skint from saving for our deposit, we wanted to be a bit more savvy when selecting furniture and flooring.

Interior design progress

Our kitchen interior has been a slow transformation because we eventually ran out of money and couldn’t do everything at once! Buying a home is expensive but the beauty is that it can evolve over time and you can always use second hand furniture until you can afford to buy new items.


Some people ask me how I keep my house so tidy all the time but I thought I’d share an early photo of my kitchen whilst I was decorating. This is just a sneak peek to show you that a lot of the time it literally looks like a bomb has hit it!


We very recently bought a new dining table and fitted the curtains made by my lovely mum, so I thought I’d share the progress and my plans for the finishing touches! My dining table was bought in John Lewis. It’s an extending dining table that seats 4 when closed and extends to seat 6. The size is perfect for us because we didn’t want a big chunky table that over powered the space and I didn’t want a glass dining table either because I know how much of a nightmare they are to keep clean!


My mirrors are also from John Lewis and I love them! I have already written a post about the evolution of my interior about 6 months ago which discusses where I got a few of the other items from. Read it here.


My mum made these amazing curtains for me. I bought the fabric from John Lewis and the rail from an interiors shop in Crosby. The rail has a pull string which slides the curtains open and closed meaning you don’t have to actually touch the fabric. I love the pleated top design and the idea was for them to soften the kitchen up a bit and still let light through.


I still would like to change the lighting to have a lovely pendant light that hangs down more. Preferably one which has copper on it!! This light shade is only a temporary cheap one from Homebase.


I’d like to do something more with the wall that has the picture on. I’m thinking either using a textured wallpaper or create an imitation brick wall. I love exposed brick and unfortunately new builds don’t have any on the inside with the walls being plasterboard. I have came across some brick tiles that look really effective but the problem is they are expensive. It’s so hard not buying loads of things for the house but the priority at the moment is to save money for our wedding! I suppose I’ll just have to keep dreaming for the time being.

I also have made it my mission to actually finish painting the side board that I bought last year and is currently hiding in my garage. Do you remember this?


To remind you all I bought this little beauty for £20 in Emmaus, a second hand furniture charity shop raising money for the homeless. This place is like an Aladdin’s cave so it’s great if you are a first time buyer and strapped for cash. I also bought another dressing table at the same time. The only problem is they are still sitting in my garage and I haven’t done anything to them. I think I must be a hoarder at heart. I have promised myself I can’t buy anything else until I have renovated them both 😛

I’m planning to paint this black, and do something cool with the inside of the cupboards and drawers to reveal a pop of colour. This will sit beneath my mirrors in the dining area when I finally complete it!

I will keep you all posted on the sideboard project… maybe this can be my summer project seen as I won’t be going on holiday this year!

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