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Beauty. Balance. Bliss. These three words describe Bali perfectly; a small Island brimming with arts and culture, breathtaking scenery and joy. There is so much to see and do in Bali, from beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear oceans to surf and snorkel, peaceful yoga retreats, temples with intricate Architecture, overwhelming views of cliffs, forests, volcanos and rice paddies, delicious cuisine to taste and markets full of vibrant colour to name but a few.

It’s fascinating when you travel and submerge yourself into a culture that’s so different from the Western world because it really puts your life into perspective and makes you realise how lucky you are. But the question is are we the lucky ones? We may have it good in terms of material possessions, job opportunities and a safety net for when we are struggling but our society is so full of stress, competition and expectation. From the moment I opened the plane blind as we were about to start our descent, I felt all my stress disperse and a wave of calm flooded over me as the sunshine gleamed through the window and I stared into the fluffy clouds.  It was ironic how tranquil and still that I felt as I was travelling 350Mph through the floating clouds, after a chaotic four months basically standing still. I’ve never appreciated this view before in my life despite the many holidays I’ve been on and it was such a symbolic and special moment.

Four weeks ago I would never have thought I’d be flying to the other side of the world to explore this amazing Island. I was so lucky that I was able to book ten days off work with only a week notice to meet my friend who is on her own adventure back packing around Asia and Australia. It was a spontaneous trip but I thought why not? I had just sold my house so I had nothing stopping me. It was great flying on my own because I had 18 hours of me time. Qatar Airlines are brilliant; I watched four films, was fed four meals and slept about four hours! They have amazing service and the flight facilities are unreal with lots of films, music and games to occupy you on your journey.

In total me and my travelling companions stayed in five different hotels/guest houses around Bali so I got to taste the back packing lifestyle…kind of! Apparently what we did is actually called ‘flash packing’.

Flashpacking is a neologism used to refer to affluent backpacker. Whereas backpacking is traditionally associated with budget travel and destinations that are relatively cheap, flashpacking has an association of more disposable income while traveling and has been defined simply as backpacking with a bigger budget.

I wouldn’t quite call myself an affluent backpacker (one day) but maybe someone who just had an opportunity to do a holiday in a different way! And I absolutely loved the experience of staying in a few hotels to explore various areas of a destination whilst sampling different style accommodation. We stayed in a variety of different style hotels ranging from budget to luxury, modern to traditional and I had such an amazing time with one of my oldest friends that I hadn’t seen for 5 whole months! All in all it was a long haul journey worthwhile and this trip was an investment that sure made me richer. I came away feeling relaxed, inspired for my interiors projects and motivated to travel so much more.

Green Bowl Beach Uluwatu, Bali

Local Lady

Sun Brolly, Bali

Rice paddies

Laura and Me

Bali Sunsets, W Hotel

Sanias Hotel, Ubud

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