Pushing The Boundaries In Furniture Design: The Wing By Leda®

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Engineering Responsive Design: The Wing By Leda® Product Review

It’s fascinating to find brand new furniture products for interior design projects I’m working on, but it’s even more exciting when you discover British furniture brands that are pushing the boundaries. I’m usually intrigued the most by Italian design, however this time round a particular British product caught my attention. The Wing by Leda®.

At Keyhole Studios trialling the product for different uses

I first encountered The Wing whilst exploring London Design Fair back in September,  where the product was first launched and their colourful and playful stand stood out from the crowd. It looked great, but I didn’t realise there was a lot more to the design than on first glance, until they got in touch with me a few weeks later to introduce the concept in more depth.

An intriguing e-mail popped up asking me if I was interested to pioneer their product and experience it for myself. I jumped at the chance because I’m fascinated in unique furniture design and I thought it would be a perfect experience to trial the concept and review on my blog. I love showcasing new products and it seemed like the perfect product to trial with my strong furniture expertise.

I discovered that Leda® are a forward thinking design house based in Northumberland, UK and The Wing is their first creation, with the ethos to ‘Live Effortlessly’. The main goal of their creative design was to challenge people’s perceptions on how homes, workplaces and leisure environments are furnished and as a result, have created something a little extraordinary.

This flexible seating is a unique piece of furniture; a dynamic giant floor cushion that adapts its form to support the shape of your body in whatever position you feel most comfortable.

“Furniture is gradually moving from rigid, historic archetypes towards modularity and flexibility. Leda® radically extends this principle, rather than creating forms that human’s have to shape themselves to, Leda® designs literally change their form in response to the body; the definition of dynamism.” – Dynamism & Sensory Designer, Allison Chatten

Unlike many furniture brands that begin with a pre-conceived idea of what a chair should look like and how an individual should behave; Leda® begins its design process with an analysis of the human body and mind, aiming to enhance the individual’s enjoyment of, and participation in life.


LEDA® – engineering responsive design from LEDA® on Vimeo.

I decided to experience and style The Wing in my friend’s office space at Keyhole Studios  (a Wedding photography and film production company in Liverpool) so we could get a good feel for how it would work in both a living room and work space set-up. Eugene has created a multi-functional, design-led homely environment within her office space; a place to meet clients and suppliers, for clients to wait and browse through Wedding albums or watch example Wedding films for inspiration and lastly for staff to relax on their break away from their desk. It was so much fun experimenting with the product and taking photos whilst using The Wing in different experiential scenarios.

Meeting clients, brainstorming ideas or having a coffee break


A quiet moment to reflect or read a book


Enjoying a moment watching a movie


Catching up with e-mails 


Relaxing and getting comfortable after a long hard day at work


Sharing fun moments with friends


This responsive alternative to lounge seating is playful, colourful and actually really comfortable too. I couldn’t believe how many different positions and uses it actually has. When you sit or lie on the cushion, the form and shape is really supportive and moulds to your body, creating a firm but comfortable seat. My overall opinion is that this piece of furniture is an ideal alternative to a chair or beanbag; it’s a multifunctional design concept that is suitable in any environment to live, work or play. Not only is this suitable for indoors but it can be used outdoors too and I can imagine this to be great by a swimming pool as a comfy sunlounger, or for seating on patio or decking areas in a garden.

Find out more here:

Website: www.bazaar-group.uk/brands/leda

Twitter: @bazaargroup

Instagram: @leda_live_effortlessly

I’d love to know what you think of The Wing! Please share your thoughts in my comments, would you use this in your home, office or garden?

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