The Importance Of Creating In Store Experiences: New Hastens Sleep Spa Opens in Köping


Experiences have become something that we value more in a modern world when online shopping, technology and social media are saturating our lives. Within retail, creating experiences is becoming essential in order to lure people out of their homes and buy products in store.

I was really interested to find out how one interior brand is doing just that as I believe buying furniture should be all about the experience, especially for items where comfort is very important eg. sofa or mattress. Seeing a product in person and having the ability to touch the fabrics, feel the comfort and see the quality, ensures you are buying something that is just right for you.

Hastens’ 852 square meter store in its home in, the city where it all began, has reopened after extensive renovations. The round retail building, designed by architect Tomas Eriksson in 2002, will be the first store to feature Hästens’ brand new store concept: Sleep Spa. A boutique experience, never seen before in the bed industry.


The new concept store opened on June 18th, when residents of Köping and beyond could experience the craftsmanship that has been manufactured in the city since 1852 in an entirely new way. The Sleep Spa makes finding the right bed comfortable and inspiring.

“The Hästens Sleep Spa store is designed to highlight the beds and to create a harmonious atmosphere when searching for the right bed. We have replaced the old lighting with modern LED technology, and thanks to dim lighting and calm music, the visitor can truly relax. Lay down for a while, you can even take a nap if you want to,” says Linnea Blank, Retail Concept Designer at Hästens.

Each part of the store is carefully designed to engage the senses and help the visitor to discover their own bed preferences. All elements that can interfere with the visitor’s ability to relax and just focus on the bed have been removed. As a result, at Hästens Sleep Spa there are no bedside tables, bed linens or other accessories to distract from the most important concerns when choosing a bed: sensation and comfort.


Just like the inside of a Hästens bed, the shop has been decorated with high-quality natural materials, such as hardwood oak flooring oiled with white hard wax, so the veins of the wood shine through.

“We have used the amazing space and light in the building while creating a private and tranquil environment for our customers. A place where they can try our beds in peace and quiet. Using different types of walls, both closed and open, we have created separate spaces in the otherwise large area,” says Linnea Blank.

To coincide with the reopening, four new continental beds are to be revealed, for increased comfort and an even better sleep experience – Herlewing, Eala, Maranga and a refined 2000T.


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