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Every single year I leave buying my Christmas presents to the very last minute and the main reason is because I struggle to think of gift ideas. I’m fed up of feeling uninspired and I’m fed up of buying people the same things EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.  What else is there to buy for someone who already has everything they could ever need? Another Liverpool ONE gift voucher? Another pair of socks? Another perfume/aftershave to add to the collection of the 10 other ones they already own?  I can’t be the only one that has this same problem surely!

gift hamper, Christmas gift idea, Natalie holden interiorsDue to this ever growing frustration of mine, I decided to do something about it to help all the other poor souls who also leave things last minute or struggle to think of personal gifts that would actually be useful for their loved ones. So in summary I have carefully curated something very special with a lot more to it than meets the eye.

My hampers are perfect for three sets of people:-

For all the friends and family of someone who is either:

  1. getting married
  2. about to move house or undertake a renovation
  3. celebrating an anniversary or special birthday

For all the men and women who have a partner that is crazy obsessed with interiors and want to either:

  1. win some brownie points
  2. say sorry for a major cock up and avoid the dog house
  3. or just generally want to make them feel special by giving them a unique gift for Christmas, without really having to do much at all

For all you people who are undertaking a home renovation who are either:

  1. about to lose your marbles with all the stress and indecision!
  2. need some guidance with your interior but would like to implement it yourself to save on money
  3. too busy to get your act together and actually finish decorating your house

It’s about time you actually treated yourself for once. It’s all about self care I say and making yourself happy; interior therapy for the soul 😉

So yes… I have created something just for you all. Something that will help you create a happy home and a happy you, whilst saving you hundreds of pounds (more on that later).

Luxury Design Hampers

I’m quite proud to share that I have been very organised (for once) and started thinking about Christmas in July. I have just launched my first limited edition luxury interior design hampers that you can buy for yourself or a loved one this Christmas. It’s more than just a hamper and there is a lot more to it than meets the eye! I’ve packaged up my interior services into two hamper options, full of discount codes with independent interior brands to save hundreds of pounds, access to secret resources with interior design advice, a design guide on making a house into a home, tips on finding your own personal style, a budget planner, check lists to help stay organised and of course a gift set with a choice of 4 scents from a luxury artisan candle company called Oakes Candles! There are only 75 hampers available and once they are gone, they are gone!  Find out more here.

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Interior Partners

I have carefully selected some beautiful interior brands to work with that I love and I think you will love too. I have chosen to work with a mixture of independent companies who fit perfectly with my ethos. Each brand are independent companies that offer something very unique; with either inspiration from their travels, a range of products that are either sustainable or help improve your wellbeing. Each company offer high quality and stylish products that are perfect to help you create a happy home and a happy you.

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Order yours today to receive one of the 75 limited edition luxury design hampers before they sell out!

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Donna Ford

What a great idea Natalie! Love how nicely curated the hamper is. All the best with it!


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