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As I’m sat here writing this blog I realise I am surrounded by complete darkness! I’ve been so engrossed in researching lighting for this post; bare in mind it’s only 4:18pm and it’s already going dark. Does anyone else currently feel like they need more light in their life? I know I do. The past few days I have been pulling my hair out trying to get some decent photos of my Christmas hampers because the natural light has been terrible!

Lighting can make a huge difference in your home and at this time of year when there is a lack of natural light, it’s important to get it right to give the right ambience in a room. Whether that be a cooler or neutral colour temperature that is suitable for an office environment or a warmer colour temperature more suitable for a cosier feel in your home.

Layering up different types of lighting in a room is always a great way to make it feel cosy and give a room more depth. By layering I mean having a mix of lighting at different heights. You have your obvious ceiling lighting, table lamps and floor lamps but you could take things a step further and look at integrated wall lights, strip lighting on the underside of shelving, at the bottom of cupboards or around the edge of a drop ceiling to give a soft warm glow.

Energy efficiency

We all know at this time of year the energy bill ends up so much higher with the lighting and heating on much more. So this is why it’s important to think about energy efficiency and the type of light bulbs you choose. LED light bulbs are ideal to ensure energy bills are lower, however they are more expensive to buy up front. Despite this, the overall purchase and running costs will work out cheaper so it’s worth investing in them, plus they will last you much longer compared to a halogen bulb!

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My Top 6 lights

Here are some of my favourite lights available to buy. Which one is your favourite?

Ceiling light, John Lewis

Photo credit: John Lewis & Partners

Ceiling light, Cox and Cox

Photo Credit: Cox and Cox

Ceiling light, Maison Du Monde

Photo credit: Maison Due Monde

Ceiling light,

Photo credit:

Table lamp, Graham and Green

Photo Credit: Graham and Green

Table Lamp, Rose and Grey Interiors

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Photo credit; Rose and Grey Interiors

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