Your home renovation can be a fun and enjoyable experience instead of daunting. We understand that when we are faced with so much choice, it can be overwhelming and so much harder to come to a decision. If you can relate to this feeling then you are probably guilty of putting things off and never finishing your project!

If you just need some advice throughout the different stages of your project and are planning to implement everything yourself then this personal and tailored service is the perfect option for you. You can book either a 1hr or 2hr advice consultation which can be carried out online or in the comfort of your home.

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What to expect

Prior to your advice consultation we will send you a small questionnaire to fill out and this will help us tailor your appointment to your needs. During your consultation we can discuss certain elements in your room such as colours, layout, finishes, furniture, lighting, window dressings, storage, flooring or wall coverings depending on what stage you are at. If you have already collated some ideas and not sure what direction to go, we will speed up your decision making process and can help you narrow down options to suit your lifestyle. Our unbiased, expert opinion will put your mind at ease and ensure you feel confident in the choices you are making for your home. Your home is an expensive investment so it’s understandable that you will want to utilise your hard earned cash in the best way possible and our suggestions and ideas could end up saving you money! Prices start from £75

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