How To Manage Stress During A Renovation

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There is no doubt that a renovation project can become quite stressful. Because lets face it, there are so many decisions, so many things that can go wrong and so little time around your work and life commitments to pull it off. Rather than waiting for the stress to build up I wanted to share some ways that you can prevent it from happening in the first place… or at least help you manage it so you don’t lose your marbles!

So many people come to me last minute in a panic, desperate for me to help them at the final hour. And as much as I love to help, I always wish they asked for my help much earlier to guide them through the process better. Rushed last minute decisions never end up the best ones and from experience it almost always ends up in regret! This weeks blog lends itself well to this topic as we approach the festive season and our stress levels naturally start to rise. With extra family commitments and activities happening, our calendar’s quickly become full leaving little time to actually think straight.

Lowering stress levels during your renovation is so important because when you are stressed, decision making becomes so much harder. Planning ahead and getting an expert on board early on will help keep stress levels at bay and give you confidence that you are making the right decisions.

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Catherine, Pride Road Architects with her clients


I’ve curated three useful tips from Catherine at Pride Road Architects and she shares advice on how you can reduce stress to ensure your project doesn’t drive you insane:

  1. Research – Make sure you research the professionals you are engaging to take care of your project, from your architect to your builder. Going with the cheapest quote isn’t necessarily going to get you the best service! Make sure you also check that the person you’re engaging for architectural advice is actually an architect. You’d be surprised how many people who advertise ‘architectural’ services aren’t actually architects. You can check if you’re dealing with an architect by checking the Architects Registration Board (ARB).
  2. Preparation Prepare your living arrangements before the renovation takes place. If you’re living in a building site for 6 months this can be stressful as it disrupts your normal routines. Make sure you organise what you’re going to do about meals once your kitchen has been ripped out (!), and make sure the building work is phased in such a way so that you always have some space to live in during the works
  3. Expectation – Manage your expectations. Expect some hiccups and setbacks during the renovation. This way, when a problem or challenge occurs you’re totally prepared for it, after all you were expecting it! There are many things out of your control during a building project, weather, economy, late deliveries etc. and it’s almost never a straight journey from A to B, but if you can remember that this is normal during a build or renovation then you can deal with things with a level head when unexpected hiccups arise!

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I have just launched my limited edition luxury design hampers with the purpose of supporting you throughout your home renovation journey. In my hampers I have packaged up my interior design services and I’ve partnered with some fantastic independent interior brands with the goal to help create a happy home and a happy you. My hampers are the perfect Christmas gift, but also ideal as a house warming, wedding, anniversary or special birthday gift. What are you waiting for? … group together with your mates and buy your interiors obsessed friend one! Or if you like the look of them yourself, put them on your Christmas list and do some hinting!

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I’ve selected a few of my interior partners to share some tips and advice on how they can help create a happy home.

Oakes Candles

” I feel that scents and situational experiences work hand in hand. Fragrances can unlock memories and evoke feelings related to those memories. For example, “Sea Salt & Neroli” when I was creating this fragrance the scent of neroli reminds me of my childhood trips to the beach and the scent of the suncream was so vivid. Combining that with the sea salt aroma encompassed a really pleasant and happy memory for me.

With Autumn and Chistmas festivities just around the corner we have added “Frankincense & Myrrh” and “Nutmeg & Ginger” to our range. These scents are very nature based and comforting, which is something Natalie already touched on in a previous post about the Danish concept of Hygge. As the nights have drawn in and gotten darker, we tend to create cosy situations in the evenings to make our nights warm, atmospheric and pleasant, when it’s cold and raining outside. Having a fire to sit by, adding cosy textiles and clothing, but adding touches like fragranced candles tend to complete the experience. We unknowingly are creating memories linked to fragrances we have chosen and when we experience these fragrances again we are triggering happy memories linked to our pleasant experiences. This encompassed with the ambience of flickering flames can whisk you away to a time of wellbeing, calmness and invigorate the soul. It’s setting the scene for unwinding and the ability to empty our mind and relax. “ – Elizabeth Collins Oakes


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Oakes candles, gift ideas for Christmas

Emily Bartlett Art

” Personally I find creating art similar to meditation, releasing what I need to let go. It’s a complete distraction from the stresses of life, inventing my own reality and choosing whether it be calm or hectic. I balance my mood in the painting, the same way I balance the composition of my art. It’s a story, a 2D ‘3D tunnel of thought’. Spectators can put themselves in front of my art and it can take them where they want. That’s the joy of abstraction. Decorating an interior with art in the right way creates a balanced composition to the entire room, your habitat effects your way of life. If it’s balanced, you’re balanced; it’s all Feng Shui.”Emily Bartlett

Luks Linen

” We are firm believers in keeping it simple and bringing the outside in. The use of natural materials and greenery (biophilic design) helps create an environment that feeds our innate need to connect with and benefit from nature. Avoid textiles that include man-made fibres that are not only harmful to the environment in their production, but also to our wellbeing and instead focus on pure (organic if budget allows) cotton, linen, wool and bamboo to create comfort and texture in your living spaces. To keep your home clutter free you may also want to consider products that are easy to store and can be used for more than one purpose – take for example our range of traditionally woven cotton peshtemals that can used as bath towels or throws for the lounge or bedroom. Being flat woven they roll and fold down small which also makes them ideal space savers. “ – Rachel Ward, Luks Linen

This Peshtemal by Luks Linen  is up for grabs in my Facebook competition!


Root Houseplant

” Scientific research by NASA has proven that plants provide several benefits to your environment. Whether it be for a bar, an office or your home we supply a wide range of air-purifying plants that will help create a healthier and happier environment and make your work space more productive.

Having just purchased our first home we wanted to create an indoor jungle but struggled to find a service that could guarantee a wide variety of plants at reasonable prices.  We source all our plants ourselves and treat them with the love and care they deserve before we send them out to our customers. 
We promise to send healthy plants all over the UK and give our clients as much information as possible to help them watch their plants grow. “ – Chris Needham, Root Houseplant

If you’d like to find out more about my hampers you can find out more here. I’m also at Pop up in the Palm House on 17th and 18th November with my own stall. I hope to see you there and good luck with your home renovation; just don’t forget to take time out for yourself to relax and have some fun!

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