Are you planning a renovation project and interested to find out about the benefits of working with an interior designer? Read on to find out the best way to work with Natalie Holden Interiors!

1 At what stage of a renovation project should I hire an interior designer?

We recommend bringing an interior designer in as early as you can before the project commences. This is to ensure that we have enough time together to cover all bases thoroughly, and prevents costly mistakes from being made. There is often a misconception that interior designers only specialise in the surface-level design (things like furniture and colour schemes). We also offer space planning and room layouts which impact on the lighting, electrical and plumbing positions, and this is necessary to be planned earlier on in the renovation process prior to the first fix stage of a renovation.   

2 How long does a renovation project take on average?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick and easy answer for this one! Every project is completely different, with different specifications and requirements. We are able to advise the feasibility of your specified timeframe at the consultation stage which we will do our absolute best to work towards. For more information you can arrange a free consultation or check out our blog post ‘How long will my renovation take?

3 What is the interior design process?

Although each project is unique, the interior design process typically covers several stages. Each stage focuses on a different area, which are all brought together in the final design. To learn more about our interior design process, head over to blog, where we walk through each stage in more detail. 

4 What is the role of an interior designer?

The role of a designer is a complex and multi-faceted job and we don’t just plump cushions ( a common misconception!)

Interior design can be a very misunderstood profession and is often pigeon holed into the same category as an interior stylist, interior decorator and soft furnishings supplier. Whilst we do often include those services too, interior designers cover so much more than that. At Natalie Holden Interiors, our design team are all qualified at degree level in a very broad range of expertise and skills.

We work closely with architects, building contractors and suppliers to ensure a space is designed adhering to the clients brief, and meeting current health and safety regulations. Whilst we do focus on the creative aspects of a project such as paint colours, mood boards, space planning or product sourcing, we also focus on the more analytical side of a renovation creating detailed technical drawings, budget breakdowns, feasibility studies and project co-ordination.

We are best placed when working collaboratively as part of a wider team of contractors and architects to ensure all aspects of the building and interior are planned cohesively together. Our role is often integrated into the entire project timeline, from the first fix design stages of planning lighting and socket locations to ensure they fit with desired furniture layouts, right through to co-ordinating suppliers and providing support during the implementation.

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