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How to get organised and kick start your new renovation project

Despite the crazy weather, I noticed a hint of blossom on the trees for the very first time and it made me feel relieved that Spring is finally starting to make an appearance. I tend to slow down in the winter and then when Spring appears I end up with a new found burst of creativity, inspiration and motivation. If you are anything like me, you are probably starting to think about the next interior design project that you can start!

photo of a laptop and a daily planner

Starting a Spring Renovation

We can often find ourselves getting impatient to get things done as soon as the weather improves, I know I’m guilty of it sometimes! I can end up powering ahead, without thinking things through properly first in areas where I’m no expert. I.e. the marketing side of my business. It can be a challenge to think clearly when you have limited time to do it!

So in this blog I’ll be sharing my area of expertise of interior design, to help you break your project down into bitesize tasks.

Step one – create your brief

Really think about what you actually want before you jump into a renovation project, because you can find yourself spending a lot of money on something that isn’t right for your needs, if you don’t think things through strategically. Consider asking yourself some of the following things to start off with…

Who will be using the space?

What is the style of your property and what style interior will complement the Architecture?

What will you be using the space for? Will you need this space to function for multiple uses?

What is your daily routine and how can the design of the space interact with it?

I always run through this exploration process with my clients at the very beginning of an interior project and we will spend a good two hours chatting about all aspects covering my client’s lifestyle and hobbies, personality, functional needs, style and mood, current daily routines, future aspirations and both practicalities and maintenance. The outcome of this exercise will give us a clear foundation for the design brief.

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This scheme was built around a piece of artwork the client already owns and the client’s love of travel

Step two – don’t miss the details

Measure up. Don’t forget to consider the details such as socket positions, radiator locations, door openings, window heights, ceiling height, skirting board thickness and access into the property.

At the start of a project I will always take accurate measurements for my clients, so they don’t need to worry about making any errors. I use a laser measurer which speed things up and is a lot more accurate than a tape measure, plus I also have a room measure check list to ensure nothing is missed! When carrying out a design, I will always start off with creating a scaled furniture layout on CAD/Sketch up, to figure out what is going to fit and what will proportionally work for the space, before I even start to look at the style of the space or researching products.

technical drawing of a floor plan showing space planning for a living room

Step three – get organised

Now you have measurements and you have figured out what your needs and brief are, try to stay focused and don’t divert from this! Always refer back to the brief you have created when hunting for products and always check the access is sufficient for deliveries. Sometimes you can find yourself going off on a tangent with the enormous amount of options that are presented to you, so remember to reign it in!

Create a folder to store everything that you have found in one place. This could be a box folder to store magazine clippings or fabric/product samples that you gather. Also create a Pinterest board or Houzz idea book to save all of your inspiration in one place. These digital tools are a fantastic way to help keep you organised and you can access this information where ever you are.

My interior design clients often share their Pinterest boards with me so I can access the board and view it online. It’s a great way for me to be able to visually understand their vision for a space. I also use an interior design project management software which enables me to keep track of a project and obtain feedback seamlessly with product selections through the platform. The whole process becomes really easy and efficient!

Interior design service

If you’d like to tackle a project alone then these three tips are a great way to get started, however if you’d like to save time and money, discover how hiring an interior designer could work for you by booking a free consultation. My design fee often ends up cost neutral due to the savings I have been able to make on a project, so what are you waiting for?! I work on interior design projects across Liverpool, South Lancashire, Cheshire and Manchester and you can see some example projects in my portfolio.


All interior design clients will receive the following resources inclusive of my service:

  • Home design guide to help you understand what your needs are
  • Weekly project planner to keep you organised and focused
  • Decision making check list to speed up your decision making process
home design guide cover page

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