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I wanted to update you all on how this past week has gone because I feel that it’s really important to stay connected and stay honest (whilst staying at home of course). Last week I was full of optimism for how I was going to utilise all of this extra time, but after reflecting on the past week, the reality has been far from it!

I had a plan to do so much; to finish off the full version of my home design e-book, to start a DIY project that I can share tips and advice on, to sort all my receipts so I’m up to date on my accounts. But my motivation levels are ALL OVER THE PLACE!

One day I’ve been super productive, running in survival mode trying to adapt, and then the next day I have been exhausted and struggling to get any motivation whatsoever.

The reality is that sometimes I feel scared, and at other times I keep telling myself that everything will be fine and everyone will get through this.

The reason why I’m sharing this is because I think it’s really important we all open up about how we are feeling during this uncertain time and hopefully by opening up, we can all support each other.

Here are a few things that have helped me this week:

woman doing yoga
Photo by Vlada Karpovich
  • The Calm App – to help me get to sleep
  • Yoga – Studio One Yoga have online classes!
  • I started watching The Marvelous Mrs Maisel – it is hilarious and has kept me laughing!
  • My dog – he’s the funniest little thing ever and keeps me smiling
  • Deleting people on Facebook who are posting negative things that bring me down

Hopefully by next week, I’ll have finalised my home design e-book where I’ll be sharing lots of interior design tips and advice, resources, a mixture of projects ideas, home office ideas plus an insight into colour psychology and design for wellbeing. If you’d like the free version then you can sign up here.

I hope you all stay as healthy and as positive as you can. Just know that it’s ok if you are not ok too and you can and should open up about it.

Natalie x

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Such a lovely post honey, it is a bit of a bizarre time for all of us and you’re totally right; it’s OK to feel all the feels and ride the waves of emotion.
You’re a star!


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