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Multifunctional living was once only used by those of us who had very small homes, like this 408sqft apartment in Manhattan.

But for those of us under lockdown restrictions still, multifunctional living is now the new norm. Your kitchen is no longer just for cooking, the bedroom no longer just for sleeping. The living room is now also a gym. The dining room is an office. And the kitchen is most certainly a pub (and not just on a Friday. We’re talking every night).

Not only does a multifunctional space have the potential to save you a lot of space, but investing in furniture which can be used in a variety of ways can also save you money. This in turn will be helping the environment as we reduce consumption – it’s a win win!

To successfully adapt to using your home for several different purposes you need a clear plan. So, here we want to let you know our top tips for making the most out of your multifunctional space.

Our 5 top tips

  1. Choose furniture with hidden storage

Furniture with hidden storage is one of the most effective ways to achieve multifunctional living. This coffee table for example will allow you to free up storage space elsewhere. If your living room doubles up as an office during working hours, this could be the perfect place to store any office equipment that you need., Flippa Functional Coffee Table
Image:, Flippa Functional Coffee Table

2. Choose complimentary colours in each room

Choose a cohesive colour palette to use throughout your home, such as a white base with accents of olive green and natural wood. By buying furniture and accessories to compliment this overall palette, you’re much more likely to reuse and rearrange your furniture pieces easily between rooms. This will also save you a lot of money if you decide to repurpose your space, and it’s sustainable.

Moss green wall, These Four Walls Blog
Image: These Four Walls Blog

3. Adapt your spare room into a multifunctional space

Instead of having a spare room with a standard bed in that rarely gets used (especially now since we can’t have anyone staying over), we would recommend integrating a sofa bed so it becomes a multifunctional space. This space could then be used as an office or extra sitting room, but then quickly moved back into a bedroom. Gone are the days where a sofa bed doesn’t look great, and was the most uncomfortable thing to sit on, never mind sleep on. There are a huge range of sofa beds on the market now which masquerade as regular, comfortable sofas. Take our word for it, you would never know the difference! Plus, it becomes an extra space to escape from your significant other or children if you need some time alone!

Image: Loaf, Truffle Sofa Bed

4. Invest in easily moveable and collapsible furniture

If you want to regularly change your space, for instance you want to use your kitchen as your office during the day, then we would recommend investing in easily moveable furniture and storage solutions. This works particularly well if you live in a compact home

This Ikea table below can collapse on both sides to leave you with just the storage shelf in the centre. Or you can choose to have both sides up to use as a dining table or desk – the choice is yours!

Ikea Norden Galten Table, multifunctional living, interior design, interior designer, north west interior designer
Image: Ikea, Norden Galten Table

Or, this FÖRHÖJA kitchen bench on wheels which can be easily moved throughout your space. If you prefer, it could also be used as a standing desk, which are proven to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and even aid weight loss.

Ikea FÖRHÖJA Birch Kitchen Bench with wheels, multifunctional living, interior design, interior designer, north west interior designer
Image: IKEA, FÖRHÖJA Birch Kitchen Bench

5. Consider a small-scale renovation

It might be that you think your space would function better as a multifunctional space if you reconfigure your home and remove a few walls. Having an open plan kitchen/dining/living area is hugely popular and can work wonders for the flow of a home and for multifunctional purposes. Get in touch with us if you need assistance with your space planning.

Interior design space planning, multifunctional living, interior design, interior designer, north west interior designer
Image: The Anna Edit

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on the best ways to fulfil multifunctional living. If you have any further suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

If you’re rethinking your current home set-up and would like to discuss how we could help, get in touch with us to book your free consultation. You can also see our previous projects here in our portfolio.

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