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Interior design shows are definitely our guilty pleasure. We may be designing all week, but in our opinion there’s nothing better than settling down on a Saturday afternoon to binge a brand new design show.

As the nights draw in, we’ve put together an editorial of our favourite shows to occupy you through autumn. There are so many to choose from now on all streaming platforms, from full renovations to home styling shows. If you’re struggling to find something which resonates with you, there are also plenty of real estate shows to watch too, the cousin of the interior design show!

Why interior design shows?

There is something secretly enticing about getting a sneak peak into someone else’s home. Whether you enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the before and after photos, or you enjoy seeing a professional at work, interior design shows can be an enlightening insight into the industry especially if you’re considering bringing an interior designer into your upcoming project. And, you never know, you may just be inspired to make bolder design choices in your own home.

Have a look at our choices below. Let us know if you think we have missed any which deserve a mention!

1. Grand Designs, Channel 4

Best interior design shows, grand designs

The classic. Whether you love Kevin McCloud (like Danielle from our team!) or not, Grand Designs will never get old. The show gives viewers a realistic overview of how much time and perseverance is required for a renovation project. And most importantly, it shows how important realistic budgeting really is.

2. Motel Makeover, Netflix

Best interior design shows, motel makeover

This one truly is a guilty pleasure watch, as we follow the highs and lows (COVID included) of a huge renovation project. Unapologetically Americana in style, the two renovator friends completely transform an outdated and unloved motel into a retro, Instagram-worthy destination.

3. Interior Design Masters, BBC (also on Netflix)

interior design masters

Interior Design Masters is available to view on Netflix, and puts 10 teams against each other with a variety of interior design challenges. Presented by Alan Carr and Michelle Ogundehin, the previous Editor in Chief of Elle Decoration, the teams compete for a luxury commercial hotel project.

4. Great Interior Design Challenge, Amazon Prime

the great interior design challenge

This show puts inexperienced designers head to head in increasingly difficult challenges, in real homes. Much like the actual design process, the contestants put their design ideas forward to the homeowner for their input, and then they get going! The one surprise in each challenge though is that they are tasked with incorporating a mystery (often very random) item into their design mid-way through the challenge.

5. Tidying Up With Marie KondoNetflix

Best interior design shows, tidying up with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo’s hit show focuses on living in an inspiring space with wellbeing . In this series, Marie Kondo uses her signature phrase ‘Does it spark joy?’ to tackle homes which have been overtaken with clutter. This is an extremely satisfying show which could implement changes in your own home, you never know!

And our wild card entry…

6. Queer Eye, Netflix

Best interior design shows, queer eye

The Fab 5 from Queer Eye are not entirely dedicated to interior design, but we LOVE to see the interior transformations at the end of the show. The designs are very much in an American style, but Bobby gets it right every time. This show demonstrates how important interior design can be to our personalities and mindset.

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