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Here at Natalie Holden Interiors, we love a good wallpaper! However, we find that some of our clients can be apprehensive about using it in a design scheme. Whether you love colour and pattern or prefer a neutral, pared back look, there is always a wallpaper that can complement and enhance your space – it doesn’t have to be bright and loud (unless you want it to be!). Wallpaper is a fantastic tool for adding colours, textures, and patterns to your home. What some people may not realise, though, is that there are many different ways you can use wallpaper to customise your space. Combined with the fact that there are countless patterns and designs out there to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Here we have listed five of the ways you can use wallpaper.

1. Accent Wall  

The way we’re all most used to seeing and using wallpaper is as an accent wall. It can be used to create a feature in any room and using it on just one wall can cut costs as wallpaper is generally more expensive than paint. Use wallpaper on the wall that you want to be the main focus of the room, whether it be a chimney breast to show off your fireplace, or as a backdrop to your bed. The rest of the room can then be painted in a colour that compliments the tones on the paper and voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful and cohesive scheme. 

view of a bedroom with abstract wallpaper in pink and neutral tones
Source: Rebel Walls

2. Panelled Feature Wall

Panelling is everywhere right now, and while it’s a great look on its own, it can always be enhanced by the addition of wallpaper. Take your panelling anywhere from around a third to three quarters of the way up your wall and top it off with the wallpaper of your choice! This look is great if you have an older, period property as it really complements the traditional features while your choice of colour and pattern can bring it right up to date. 

a dining room with white half height panelling and large scale watercolour wallpaper in the style of clouds
Source: Amber Interiors | Design: Amber Interiors | Photography: Tessa Neustadt
air force blue, half height panelling in a hallway with cole and son wallpaper above, showing oranges, blue leaves, and small monkeys hidden throughout
Source: House & Home | Design: Cynthia Ferguson | Photography: Donna Griffith 

3. Wallpaper All Over 

Wallpapering your ceilings as well as walls may not be appropriate for every room, but if you have the right space for it, the impact is fantastic!  This works especially well in spaces with awkward, sloped ceilings where you otherwise might not be sure where to end your wallpaper. You can go as bold or as subtle as you like with this, so don’t be scared! Don’t want to commit to the whole room but still want to make a statement? Keep your walls painted and go with wallpaper on the ceiling instead, this creates an eye-catching feature without having to go all in. 

a seating area in a bedroom with neutral toned, grass cloth texture wallpaper that covers all wall and the ceiling
Source: The Modern House | Design: Beata Heuman 
an office space painted in a light turquoise colour with a bold, foliage print wallpaper on the ceiling
Source: W Design Collective | Design: W Design Collective | Photography: Lucy Call 

4. Art Hack 

If you want to make a statement but don’t want to commit to a full wall, try framing your wallpaper as artwork instead. This is a good, low-commitment way of decorating your space because it’s so easy to change! It’s also great for if you find wallpaper you love that’s a little bit pricey, since you’ll only have to buy one roll. If you have any wallpaper left over from another room, try framing it in another space like in the hallway; this will give your home a cohesive feeling and make use of the waste for just the cost of a frame! Another way you can use this method is framing the wallpaper with mouldings; this creates an elegant look that doesn’t need to take over the whole wall.  

a traditional house with chinoiserie wallpaper in a frame
Source: Birmingham Home & Garden | Design: Jeremy Corkern | Photography: Jean Allsopp 
a living space with abstract, brushstroke style wallpaper set into the panelling
Source: Drop it Modern

5. Furniture Upgrade 

Wallpaper is perfect for giving old furniture a new lease of life or simply adding a bit more personality to your space! It’s a great way of creating an interesting feature that ties into your overall decor scheme and wallpapering the back of shelves is a great solution for those who want a pop of colour that won’t overwhelm their room (or for you maximalists out there, a way to squeeze even more pattern in!). You can even use left-over wallpaper scraps to upcycle an old piece of furniture to create something that feels brand new while being great for the planet. 

a small chest of drawers with a neutral, woven texture wallpaper inset into the drawer fronts
Source: Salvaged Inspirations
a glass front crockery cabinet with floral wallpaper in the back
Source: Havenly Hideaway 

If you’re interested to introduce wallpaper into your project and not sure what will work, we’d love to help! We offer tailored interior design services and you can book a free consultation to find out more.

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