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If you’ve got a niggling feeling that something isn’t working right for you in your home, and it’s been getting in the way of you living the life you want, you may be pondering about starting a renovation. But then all the thoughts and questions flood in; and there are so many unknowns. What level of work is needed? How much will it cost? Do I need a builder? Should I get an extension? Can I knock a wall down? What style should I do? Don’t worry, we have all of the answers.

The Importance of a Renovation Strategy

Since Natalie Holden Interiors was founded in 2018, we’ve worked with over 150 different clients on their interior design renovations across Cheshire, Liverpool and Manchester. We’ve helped our clients when they have realised they’ve either outgrown the house they’re living in or moved into a house that isn’t quite right for their needs. We’ve allowed them to achieve the vision and aspirations that they have for their dream home.

Instagram vs reality

On the surface, interior design looks glamorous, you often see all the good bits over on instagram, but very rarely do you get to know or see all the moments that lead us to pulling our hair out and whispering ‘WTF’ under our breath on a daily basis! We’re currently developing a blog series as part of our renovating guide, which will share some of these unknowns in more detail, along with information about the different types of projects.

Renovating a property is exciting, and it’s rewarding when it’s complete, but the reality is, the process of getting from a to b is never straightforward so this is why it’s extremely important to have a strategy in place to ease the many bumps along the road.

Toolkit to support you

Our years of experience mean we are equipped with the knowledge to mitigate problems, know how to deal with the unexpected problems that can arise, and how to lower the negative impact when they do happen. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with you. I think we’ve probably had to deal with every type of renovation problem you could think of, and we’ve built up a valuable tool kit and plan that supports our clients to navigate this with the least stress as possible.

Think managing budgets, planning and managing timescales, managing and choosing the right suppliers, choosing and co-ordinating trades; all of which are moving variables in a renovation project that take a lot of time and brain space to plan.

Renovation Strategy Session

We are excited to share that we have developed a renovation strategy session for anyone who is in the very early planning stages of a project, who want to gain advice, discover what type of renovation is going to be best suited for them, avoid costly mistakes, and learn about how to do it successfully.

You will receive personalised expert advice and useful tools and strategies giving you the knowledge and the confidence to move forward with your project. This is a first port of call if you are unsure what your project requires practically and will include:

A 2 hour in person consultation within your property to assess the project needs and priorities. (Available in the North West UK)

Following the meeting you will then receive:

  • An overview of the recommended consultants/professionals required in order to facilitate your project successfully
  • A personalised project plan, timeline and milestones for what is required at each stage
  • A project checklist to ensure you avoid costly mistakes
  • A budget guide outlining estimate costs needed for a renovation
  • A proposal on the best direction for your renovation, how its best phased and how we can help facilitate the interior design with a tailored quotation for our interior design services.

£385 + vat

“Have you ever watched Grand Designs and wondered why the outside of the buildings look amazing but the insides less so? I think it’s because those projects don’t usually involve interior designers…

If you are wondering whether you need an Interior Designer, or whether you can figure it out yourself or ask your architect to do an interior design, I would highly recommend involving Natalie Holden Interiors in your project.

We found that interior design is hard – there are so many things to consider (colours, textures, lighting, materials, quality of fixtures, atmosphere of a room, …) and so many decisions to make, and it can be completely overwhelming.

Natalie is helping us with a whole house refurbishment and it’s been a great experience. We saved many headaches and arguments, and we feel these designs will really stand the test of time.”

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