Understanding The Interior Design Process

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There are many different interior design companies across Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire offering varying levels of service from styling and home staging, right through to online interior design. Due to this, it’s really important to know what you are getting for your money and have a full understanding of the interior design process.

A misunderstood profession

Interior design can be a very misunderstood profession and is often pigeon holed into the same category as an interior stylist, interior decorator and soft furnishings supplier. Whilst we do often include those services too, interior designers cover so much more than that and have a very broad range of expertise and skills.

An interior designer offering the full service is probably better understood as a spacial designer and project manager. We work closely with architects, building contractors and suppliers to ensure a project runs smoothly from start to finish. Whilst we can help with the smaller aspects of a project such as paint colours, mood boards, space planning or product sourcing, we can also work as part of a wider team of contractors. Our role is to ensure a project runs efficiently throughout the different stages from design and planning through to organising and overseeing an installation if required to do so.

Qualifications and health and safety

A fully qualified interior designer is trained to understand scaled drawings to work in conjunction with an architect. We can create detailed drawings for contractors to work to and we understand all of the health and safety regulations and restrictions that are so important when working on the renovation of a property.

At Natalie Holden Interiors we offer a very flexible interior design service, with advice consultations, tailored solutions and packaged up online interior design options. If you require a turn key service, we have a large network of recommended partners that we work with and can manage your project from concept to completion.

Interior design programmes and software

We use programmes such as AutoCAD, Sketch-up and Photoshop to create comprehensive design proposals for you as a client and for the contractor to work to. And we also use project management software, design schedules and tools to ensure a project stays organised and runs seamlessly.

Interior design process at Natalie Holden Interiors

For every client, regardless of whether they choose our entry level packages or tailored interior design services, we start the process with a video consultation. We feel that to understand your needs properly, a little time and attention is required to get to know you better!

Once we understand your design brief, we’ll prepare a tailored quotation with an overview of the scope of works discussed, or you’ll select from one of our ready made packages.

A personal touch

All of our services involve an initial free consultation to understand your requirements and following that we will provide a tailored quotation. Most initial consultations will take place over telephone call or zoom, however for more complex projects we will assess whether a site visit is required in order to quote.

Whichever way we work with you, we want to keep that personal touch and ensure that every client enjoys a stress-free experience.

Have a look at the services we offer and get in touch to arrange your free consultation. We can point you in the right direction of what approach will work best for you :).

We work with clients across Liverpool, Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire for our full service design and internationally with our remote design services.

If you’d like to understand more about the benefits of hiring an interior designer you can find out more here.

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