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During the pandemic we decided to update the kitchen design in our home.

Lockdown was a time when so many people realised the importance of having a comfortable and well designed home, and how the space you inhabit can dramatically impact on how you feel. Even though I knew this already (as it’s the core reason for why I do what I do), I didn’t prioritise our home as I’m always busy pouring my time and energy into making my client’s look lovely!

Throughout the pandemic we spent so much time at home staring at the four walls and noticing all the things that were wrong and it drove us insane. The walls were smothered with paint samples and unfinished decorating, the house was filled with clutter, our temporary second hand sofas were really uncomfortable, the boiler and pipework was on show and the kitchen was practically falling apart! The lighting in our kitchen area was awful and the space felt dark and drab. Over that period we realised just how much our environment was adding to the stress and we needed to prioritise the renovation. We were yearning for a calm and comfortable place to relax and feel at home and decided to initially tackle the ugly kitchen that was falling apart (which came with the house when it was bought). Our vision was to have a clean and simple look, extra storage, modern appliances and a contemporary and practical worktop that was easy to clean.

Kitchen design : Before

old, cluttered, and impractical kitchen
Old cluttered and impractical kitchen!
old kitchen in the middle of the demolition
Old kitchen mid rip out

One of our biggest pet peaves was the peeling laminate worktop and how it interacted with the hob and tiles. It was nightmare to clean and completely impractical for a small kitchen. Our main criteria for the new worktop:

1. It needed to look simple and uncluttered so we decided to choose a material that could also act as a back splash too

2. I was keen to look at what environmentally friendly options were on the market

3. We needed a surface that was easy to clean and durable


Cosentino are one of my favourite worktop suppliers and I’ve specified their finishes on multiple client projects. After learning about their sustainable Hybriq + technology and the new finishes available, I decided to explore the options for our kitchen design. We arranged visit at their Manchester showroom and it was fantastic to have a tour around the showroom and warehouse whilst learning all about the sustainable credentials of their brand new ranges. Hybriq + technology is a high performance blend of materials including 20% recycled content. The factory in Spain is operated by 100% solar power energy and they use 99% recycled water throughout the process. You can find out more about the technical specification with some really interesting videos!

We fell in love with the Ethereal Glow polished finish, which has a beautiful honey colour veining running through to add a touch of warmth. It ticked all of the boxes and worked perfectly with our colour scheme. *Cosentino gifted this worktop as part of this collaboration.

Kitchen design : After

Small kitchen, Natalie Holden Interiors,kitchen design, modern kitchen, Cosentino worktop, ethereal glow worktop
Jamie Thomson Photography
Small kitchen, Natalie Holden Interiors,kitchen design, modern kitchen, Cosentino worktop, ethereal glow worktop
Small kitchen, Natalie Holden Interiors,kitchen design, modern kitchen, Cosentino worktop, ethereal glow worktop
Photography Jamie Thomson Photography

If you are looking to update your kitchen, we’d love to help! Get in touch to find out how we can improve the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Natalie x

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